CloudView NMS: Network Management, Monitoring and SCADA Solution

What's new?

As of Sep 05, 2018, CloudView NMS 2.31b has been released and available for download. Details are in release.txt. If you purchased previous version,
just install 2.31b in the same directory to keep your maps, devices and users
config. For new customers: try  CloudView free for 30 days without
registration, love it and you can purchase the commercial license password for the funny price of  $295.00.  Why is the price funny? You will see after
you try CloudView, experience the richness of the
features or compare it with any other network management and monitoring solution you used before.

CloudView is a standards-based network management and monitoring system (NMS). It can auto-discover, monitor and perform many functions with
virtually any vendor SNMP or TCP/IP devices. It provides consistent geographical view of your whole network (thousands of IP nodes), helps with its
configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting. It can run
as simple standalone GUI application as well as complex distributed system for multiple
concurrent remote users. CloudView provides full FCAPS functionality per TMN standards, so it can be successfully used in both enterprise and
service provider networks with carrier-grade reliability. It is scalable for any network size. It is supported on multiple platforms, including Windows,  
Linux, Mac OS and Raspberry Pi. It provides secure remote access from any platform, including mobile devices. By using e-mail/SMS alarms
notifications, built-in tools for monitoring up-to-minute information and statistics, you can maintain a network that operates at peak performance and
minimal downtime.  Multiple network protocols standards are supported, including TL-1, SSH, SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 with AES-128 security.  
The functions include, but are not limited to:  network management/monitoring, server monitoring, application monitoring, IT automation and web
site/VoIP monitoring. Our customers also use CloudView for environmental monitoring (server room temperature, humidity...) and  SCADA  
(supervisory control and data acquisition) solutions. In most cases, CloudView provides agentless management and monitoring based on standard
protocols. However, when access to remote sites/devices is blocked by corporate firewall and private IP address scheme, we offer optional agent
multi-platform software to be installed on the devices for secure access without VPN. Agent also provides additional monitoring/management
functions. MSPs can use "Slave-NMS" boxes installed at remote customers location to
securely pass info/alerts to the "Master-NMS" at  "Central
Office".  When installed on Android phones/tablets, agent allows to implement BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device") system and MDM (Mobile Devices
Management) within
CloudView NMS. Thousands of  Android devices (e.g. Android-based sales PDAs) can be monitored for battery power left, WiFi
level, storage left, Geo-location, ... etc.

Download Free 30 Days Trial  The Trial becomes commercial unlimited version when the license password entered. If you already purchased
CloudView, e-mail your license password request to
A Little About What We Do

Network hardware manufacturers, service providers and system integrators: use CloudView as affordable monitoring and management solution for
your customers instead of overpriced systems. CloudView can manage/monitor
anything in your network: devices, appliances, applications, services,
desktops, mobile devices... Free technical
support is provided via e-mail. We answer every e-mail within a 24 hour period (usually sooner). We are
located in
the Greater Los Angeles Area, California, USA, but our customers are all over the world. They all started by downloading, trying the
software and falling in love with it. So
download and try CloudView NMS free without registration. The free version will immediately start helping with
your network issues. We do not charge per number
of monitored nodes or switching ports. One simple license of $295.00 covers it all. The system
can be customized easily without any programming or scripting.

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