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And here are OTHER alternative links via Google Drive. These links must work for sure.


Server/Standalone with GUI

File cloudviewsetup238a.exe                     CloudView Win32/64

File CloudViewJ-2.38-Setup.exe                     CloudView Enterprise Win32/64

File CloudViewJ-2.38-Linux-x86_64-Install      CloudView Lin64

File CloudViewJ-2.38-Linux-x86-Install         CloudView Lin32

File   CloudView MacOS

File CloudViewJ-2.38.jar (Multiplatform installation, experts only)



Independent GUI Client (Optional)

File CloudViewClient-2.35-Setup.exe                Client Win32/64

File CloudViewClient-2.35-Linux-x86_64-Install     Client Lin64

File CloudViewClient-2.35-Linux-x86-Install        Client Lin32

File  Client MacOS


Agent (Optional)

File CloudViewAgent-2.35-Setup.exe                 Agent Win32/64

File CloudViewAgent-2.35-Linux-x86_64-Install      Agent Lin64

File CloudViewAgent-2.35-Linux-x86-Install         Agent Lin32

File   Agent MacOS

File CloudViewAgent-2.35.jar (Multiplatform installation, experts only)