Services We Provide

We are software developers for hire. If you liked CloudView NMS, please note: you can OEM it.  We can make
your network products to be managed  by CloudView (this includes interactive customized front panel view of
your device). We will include GUI support for your private MIBs in the system.  We can develop full-blown EMS
(element management system)  for your specific products per TMN standards. It is also usual to us to
accommodate our customer's proprietary polling/controlling protocols, so we can do it even if your device
does not support SNMP.

Hardware manufacturers, we can embed our small-footprint web server in your device to provide very rich
HTML-5 based GUI accessible via any web browser.  It can be done without any change or even access to
your agent source code, just ask us how we do such things.

All the development can be done remotely:  we usually ask to provide remote access to example device(s)
either via public IP Address or VPN.

Our pricing model for such development is very reasonable.  We will
not charge you until you run and
the customized software in "trial" mode. We will not charge you any royalties for our technology, we
just want to serve as GUI software developers for your products.

For SCADA customers and hardware manufacturers we can also provide source C/C++ code of our secure
communication agent. The agent can be linked with the customer's embedded device code to facilitate
monitoring and controlling functions by CloudView. The agent can be located behind router (having private
NAT IP Address) and still communicate with external CloudView NMS server.

CloudView is developed and maintained by dedicated software professionals with a huge experience in
network management protocols, monitoring and remote control software. But
our expertise goes much
beyond that.
We are also very experienced in developing:

  •                    Large scale multi-user distributed systems
  •                    SaaS (software as service)
  •                    Multi-platform GUI and mobile applications

Our unique software technology allows us to develop such systems very fast. Make us your software
.  We are located in the Greater Los Angeles Area, California, USA

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