CloudView NMS vs Others
CloudView NMS vs Others

So you need a network monitoring/management tool and you want to know how we compare with others. Here is
some information for you to consider.

  • "Set of features" and "look & feel". We have more features than any other "leading" (and overpriced) competitors (sorry, we
    cannot mention any brands here). The features came as a result of many years work for leading service providers/carriers.
    OEMed CloudView NMS is a significant part of their every day operations. They are quite different, that is why you see so
    many different options and features in CloudView NMS. We are developers, not marketing/sales people. This is the choice
    we made and you have probably felt it from the contents of our website. As professionals, we know that the advertising and
    marketing information can be very deceptive.  Also, the "look & feel" of our screens is not that "shiny". But what do you
    actually need:  "look & feel" or outstanding performance and functionality?  So please run our free no-registration trial and
    see yourself who is the best.

  • "Free" or $295? The truth about so called "free" systems is that they are not free. That is why you always see commercial
    versions of the "free" systems on  their web sites. They can be very complicated to setup. As a result, you will depend on
    someone who actually “customizes” the setup, scripts or tools on a commercial basis.  Download and run CloudView NMS  
    free, no-registration and no-password trial. You may find that it has all the functions you need right out of box. The price is
    so small because we hope that after using (and loving) the software you will use our services for either OEMing CloudView
    NMS or including support for your specific network products. If not, so let it be: enjoy the enterprise-grade software for non-
    enterprise price.

  • Scalability. Ask if competing system can monitor 10,000 IP Nodes with 10 sec polling interval. If the answer is "yes",  ask
    how many servers they need to control such network and what kind of operating system they require. Their answer  may
    sound very pricey. CloudView answer is:  you need one desktop PC for such network. This simple desktop PC is used as a
    network management server which can also provide access to unlimited number of simultaneous GUI clients. You can start
    using CloudView NMS as a desktop application on your laptop and gradually grow the same installation into multi-user
    distributed client-server system monitoring your network 24x7

  • Reliability.  Run a competing system in a network of 100 nodes for one week. Notice how many reboots it requires, how
    much resources (memory/space) it consumes with uninterrupted execution. You may find that the system constantly   
    reboots itself  because of crashes, memory leaks, etc.... All this is because of software bugs. Our customers run CloudView
    NMS for many months without rebooting. That is why we call CloudView "carrier-grade" and "enterprise-grade" reliable. The
    system must be always available 24x7 to send you this critical e-mail alert about problems in your network which can affect
    your business.

  • $295 or their price? CloudView NMS price is always $295 for any network size. Competitors set their price per number of
    nodes or switching ports. Some of them even set monthly price.  Also make sure to ask them how much it costs to upgrade
    as new versions are released. Remember you may need these upgrades because operating systems update themselves
    constantly. CloudView NMS customers always have free upgrades as soon as we release new versions. And we release a
    new version about every three months. Mostly the releases are required  to add new features requested by our customers

  • Support.  Free technical support is provided via e-mail. We answer every e-mail within a 24 hour period (usually sooner).         
    You will be exchanging e-mails with the original developers of the software. During this exchange you may request to add        
    some features. If we find your request reasonable,  the features will be added to upcoming CloudView versions free of          
    charge. And, as we mentioned above, the upgrades are always free for CloudView customers.

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